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SARC at Copper Mountain

Below is info from SARC Copper 2022. More info about SARC Copper 2023 will be released in the Summer of 2023!

New for Fall 2022, we are offering a Pre-Thanksgiving Training Camp at Copper Mountain, CO! This camp will include 6 days of Slalom and Giant Slalom training at the world class training venue at Copper Mountain. This year lodging will be a large rental house with room for about 15 athletes. Space is limited, so if you are interested please do not wait to sign up! 

Athletes should be between 10-17 years old, with at least one season of race training. Exceptions may be made for athletes younger than 10 who have attended an SARC camp in the past.

We will ski from 9am-1:30 each day, and in the afternoons campers will have time to relax, catch up on school work (since we know they may miss school for this camp), and explore the local area of Frisco, CO! We acknowledge that missing school for camp can be a big commitment, so we will enforce a mandatory study hall if requested by parents on the registration form.

Transportation to and from the Denver Airport will be provided for those flying in within the designated flight windows, listed on the Registration page. We can also pick up and drop off unaccompanied minors, but request that they fly on the recommended American Airlines flight that is listed on the registration page.


16th- Travel Day

17th- GS Training

18th- GS Training

19th- Undecided Training Day

20th- SL Training

21st- SL Training

22nd- Undecided Training Day

23rd- Travel Day

Cost: $1800

Includes: Lodging, Coaching, Meals, Transportation, Supervision

Does NOT include Lift Access. Because many campers already have the Ikon Pass, lift access should be acquired individually by families. Copper is planning to open to the public by November 14th, which means the Ikon pass WILL work as long as they open as scheduled.

If your child does NOT have an Ikon pass, the costs for a Copper Athlete Pass for the full season is:

Age 5-12: $289

Age 13-17: $409

Lift access MUST be acquired at least 14 days prior to arrival.

We are not currently accepting CITs or Parent Volunteer applications for this program. We will have 2-3 coaches and 2-3 adult volunteers handling the supervision, cooking, etc. To Register, click the orange button at the top of the page! A deposit of $500 is due September 10th to hold your child's spot. The full payment of $1800 ($1300 after deposit) is due October 10th. These payments should be made on Zelle.

DATES: November 14-21

Registration Due Sept. 10th, 2023

Cost: TBA


Lodging: Rocky Mountain Outpost in Frisco

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.18.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.18.22 AM.png
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