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SARC Coach/Counselor in Training Program

SARC selects 3-4 CITs each summer. It's a selective application process that is open to campers age 14 and up. We recommend that applicants have attended at least one SARC camp in the past, but anyone is welcome to apply. CITs get the full camp experience, including training, activities, etc. but with additional responsibilities. In exchange for their support and assistance at camp, their coaching, lodging, and meals are covered. CITs are responsible for the cost of their lift tickets, travel, and any add-on activity costs. We prefer CITs to be available for both sessions, but you can apply for just one session.

2024 Lift Ticket Costs: $1155 total for both sessions.

CIT responsibilities include but are not limited to:
-Assisting volunteers with cooking and dishes

-Loading vehicles with gear each day

-Helping with bathroom breaks for younger athletes on the hill

-Leading other campers to and from the training venue at the start and end of training

-Waking campers up in the morning and enforcing quiet hours and bed time in the evening

-Assisting in keeping the camp lodging spaces clean

Applications are due on March 1st. CIT selections will be made by March 10th. Any CITs that apply but to not get accepted will be given an extra week beyond the March 10th deposit deadline to register as a camper if they would like to!

Please complete this form and email it to, and

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