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Southeastern Alpine Race Camp
at Mt. Hood

The Southeastern Alpine Race Camp at Mt. Hood is an overnight ski race training camp in its eighth year of operation. It is run by Camp Founder, Stephanie Carson, Camp Director, Sara Beeken, and Head Coach, Thea Young. SARC runs for 2 sessions each summer and campers have the option to sign up for either or both of the weeks. 

2024 Sessions



Session 1: June 11th-June 18th. 

5 Days of SL and GS Training.    

1 Beach Day at the OR Coast.     

Session 2: June 18th-June 25th

6 Days of SL and GS Training

Camp cost includes lodging, training, transportation to and from the airport, lift tickets, camp swag, food, coaching, and supervision. Things campers should prepare to pay for themselves include 1-2 meals out per session, souvenirs, and any additional optional activities.

This camp is open to athletes ages 9 to 18, with at least one year of alpine racing experience on a team.  Children ages 9 and 10 are required to have a parent present in town, and receive prior permission from camp leadership, based on a coach recommendation. If your child is 9 or 10 years old and would like to attend camp please contact Camp Director, Sara Beeken at


Lodging varies from year to year. For the summer of 2024, we have several neigboring condo units in Edelweisse Condos in Government Camp. We will have adults in each condo and there's plenty of space for athletes to sleep, relax, have meals together, etc.  Campers will all have a bed (most twins, some shared with campers of the same age and gender). And depending on registration numbers we may also utilize some air mattresses. 

While our lodging is in walking distance to all of the shops in Govy, that does not mean that our campers will have free reign. We will continue to maintain an appropriate level of supervision and keep close tabs on all of out campers, often traveling in groups with a coach or volunteer.


On ski days we wake up at 5am, have breakfast at the main house, and head to Timberline. Athletes take their backpacks, water, and a snack up the lifts and we train all morning, with a short snack break in the middle.  We will head back down to our lodging around 11-12pm, depending on how the snow is holding up. After eating lunch and having some quiet time for those who need to rest after a long morning of skiing, we will have some afternoon activity options. We have dryland training for U12-14 athletes and U16-18 athletes several times per sessions in separate age groups. This includes running, strength training (typically body weight), and other activities to improve endurance, strength, and agility. After that, some days we will go swimming and paddle boarding in Trillium lake (It’s still summer down the mountain!), or hike, or explore the town of Government Camp. Many athletes choose to try out demo skis while they are there, but this will not be an option every day. Demo tents are usually set up in town, offering athletes free race demos. But everyone should bring their own equipment anyway. Dinner will be eaten all together as a camp, then there is always a camp meeting before bed where we talk about training the next day and focus on some specific skills that the athletes may be working on during training.


You can pay in full, or pay a $1000 deposit per session to reserve your child's spot. The full registration fee including the deposit for one session of camp is $3000. Both the registration form and camp deposit must be completed in order to reserve a spot.

Based on continually increasing costs to camp (lift tickets, vehicle rentals, groceries, gas, lodging, etc.) we have had to increase camp fees to keep up with costs. To offer complete transparency, we have put together a public cost sheet for camp families to look at and understand SARC's funds. See Budget Overview link below! We encourage any families who are in a position to do so, to consider contributing to our scholarship fund when they pay their deposit.

SARC prioritizes making camp accessible to all southeastern athletes who want to be there.  We rely on scholarship donations to get athletes to camp who wouldn't otherwise be able to make it a reality.


We are in need of four parent volunteers each week to assist in kitchen, supervision, and activity duties. Learn more here!


We have lane space reserved at Timberline which will be ours to use during the two weeks of camp. We alternate between GS and SL every couple of days and athletes will have time to run gates as well as have time skiing with coaches, working on drills and technique.  We have approximately a 6 to 1 athlete to coach ratio and make sure that every athlete is getting the individual attention that they need. All athletes are expected to act independently and responsibly during training, often riding the lifts on their own or with other campers.  It is their responsibility to stay with the camp and make sure they are ready to ski on time, and remember all of their equipment each day. We primarily stay on one or two slopes, and one or two chairlifts. Palmer Glacier is not difficult to navigate and athletes typically get very familiar with it in the first day or two.


We provide transportation to and from the PDX airport during designated departure and arrival windows. Unaccompanied minors flying within the flight windows will be met at their arrival gate and escorted to their departure gate by a camp representative. We will be suggesting a designated flight our of the Charlotte, NC airport and request that campers choose that flight when possible. This helps us coordinate airport pickup and helps make sure your camper doesn't have to spend too much time waiting around at the airport while we pick up other campers. 

We cannot provide transportation outside of those flight windows, but will do our best to work with flight delays and changes that are out or your control!


Session 1 Travel Windows

6/11 Arrival Window- 12pm-3:30pm

6/18 Departure Window- 11am-2:30pm

Session 2 Travel Windows

6/18 Arrival Window- 11am-2:30pm

6/25 Departure Window- 11am-2:30pm

Those arriving by car or with a parent and not utilizing camp transportation:

Please arrive at Edelweisse Condos between 3pm-5pm on arrival day. Earlier is fine for week 2, just let Sara (Camp Director) know.

Please plan to pick your child up from camp before 10am on departure days!


Check out the Registration Page for next steps!




Email Camp Director, Sara Beeken at

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